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Legal Video Will Services for Louisiana Residents. Let Your Will Be Done!  Package price only $299!

“More and more people are preparing a video in which they read the will and explain why certain gifts were made and others not made. The video recording might also show the execution of the will. Should a disgruntled relative decide to challenge the will, the video can provide compelling proof that the person making the will was mentally competent and observed the formalities of execution.” – The American Bar Association

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a video will? Isn’t a written will enough?
Even if your will is properly executed under Louisiana law, creditors and would-be heirs can (and very often do) challenge the document in court. A video will can be used as evidence in court to prove not only that a will was executed by you, but also that you had the requisite capacity to do so and that you were under no duress at the time the will was executed. Moreover, a video will allows you to speak directly to your heirs, to explain why you donated your estate the way you did, and to relay personal messages which are not possible in a written will.

If I use LVW, will I have to hire a lawyer or a notary?
No. LVW retains licensed and experienced Louisiana attorneys and notaries for you! Our packages INCLUDE the services of these licensed Louisiana attorneys, who will consult with you and will create your legal Louisiana Last Will and Testament for you! Our prices also include the legally required Louisiana notary services. We hire these professionals for you at no extra cost to you! Now, that being said, if you prefer to use your own attorney and/or notary, you are certainly welcome to do so. We will be happy to work with them.

Does LVW provide legal services or legal advice?
LVW is a full service professional video service. We provide you with a video DVD of the execution of your will and your explanation of your will, which may be used as evidence in court to prove your capacity and to prove that the executed document is, in fact, your will. As part of our full-service package, we retain fully licensed Louisiana Attorneys and Notaries on your behalf to consult with you and to provide you with a Last Will and Testament that is 100% legal in the State of Louisiana. LVW itself does not provide legal advice and is not in the business of practicing law. All attorneys retained are independent professionals retained specifically for you to execute your will. LVW does not require that you use any particular attorney, but all attorneys who agree to execute wills for you with LVW are licensed and experienced Louisiana attorneys.

Your prices are lower than what most attorneys charge just for a written will. How can you offer both a written will and a video will at such low prices?
LVW has special working relationships with many Louisiana attorneys, who agree to consult with our clients and draft our clients’ Last Wills and Testaments at reduced rates. LVW gives you the benefit of our goodwill and our relationships with these Louisiana attorneys to pass those savings on to you. In most cases, you can obtain a valid written will AND our professional video services for less than the cost you would normally pay for just the written document elsewhere.

Can’t I just write my own will? There are kits for that now, aren’t there?
Louisiana is the only civil law jurisdiction in the United States. Our law comes down from France and Spain. Common law, which is the English-based law that is practiced in every other state, is vastly different. Look at the disclaimers on those do-it-yourself will kits. You will see that they claim to be valid for every state EXCEPT Louisiana. Do-it-yourself will kits are not valid under Louisiana law, which has very specific rules about how a will must be drafted. If you get it wrong, your will won’t be recognized by the Court and it will be as if you never had a will at all!

Why do I need LVW? Can’t I just videotape my own will?
First, we are professional videographers with experience in making videos that are clean, clear, and crisp in both sound and video. Our packages provide you with quality image and sound, professionally mastered and professionally stored on durable media for ultimate archival and replay performance.

Moreover, simply videotaping your wishes is not enough to create a legal and valid Last Will and Testament, no matter how great the video. Our packages include much more than simple videotapes of your wishes. For one low price, your LVW will package includes consultation with a licensed and experienced Louisiana Attorney, passage of a valid Statutory Louisiana Will passed before a Louisiana Notary and two witnesses, as well as video proof of your desires. We also provide you with forms and information you will need to record your will, so that the will and the video will be found when the times comes.

When you use LVW, you can rest assured that your Last Will and Testament will be 100% legal, 100% accurate, and 100% professional. Don’t leave the most important decisions of your life to chance!

What will happen if I write my own will and it is not in the proper format?
If your will is not 100% properly executed under Louisiana law, the courts will ignore it. Even one little mistake can totally invalidate your will and it will be as if your will never existed! Unless your will is in the correct format and properly executed pursuant to the succession laws of the State of Louisiana, you may as well save your time and not try to draft a will at all. All LVW packages include consultation with a licensed and experienced Louisiana attorney and creation and execution of a Last Will and Testament that is 100% legal under Louisiana law.

What will happen to my property if I don’t have a valid will?
In Louisiana, if you do not have a properly executed Last Will and Testament, the government, not you, decides what happens to your property and who inherits your estate. In some cases, your entire estate can even be taken by the government! LVW packages are specifically designed to ensure that your property goes where YOU want it to go and to whom YOU want it to go. Everyone from Uncle Sam on down to your favorite nephew will know exactly what your wishes are and you can rest assured that your property will go where YOU DECIDE it should go!

Do you offer other similar video services?
Yes, in addition to video wills, we also offer video powers of attorney, as well as video living wills and do not resuscitate orders. These packages also include the services of licensed and experienced Louisiana attorneys who will consult with you and draft all necessary paperwork for you. As with wills, many powers of attorney are challenged in court by creditors and disgruntled family members on grounds of capacity and free will. Our services can be used in court to quash those types of challenges. Lastly, our services allow you to do something that none of those written documents alone can do—to speak directly to your family and loved ones; to explain what your wishes are and why you made the decisions you made; and, in some cases, the chance to say goodbye.

I’m not rich. Really, what are the chances that someone would challenge my will?
Nobody thinks their estate will end up litigation. Yet, lawsuits are filed every day in this state by creditors and disgruntled would-be heirs challenging the wills of “average” citizens just like you. These cases are expensive and gut-wrenching for your family and they come at just the wrong moment—when they are still grieving your loss. In many cases, the entire estate ends up going to pay the legal fees!

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